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Green Team Asia is a non-profit NGO, which was established 9 years ago and is run by Mr Ashish Verma (President). This organization majorly focuses on restoring environment and the protection of waste and neglected lands. Green team NGO has a huge network of active and enthusiastic volunteers who work hard to accomplish a common goal that is to restore the beauty of natural landscape.

Mr Ashish got inspiration from his grandparents to establish such organization, he had an inclination and interest towards conservation biology. He says this organization is just a small repayment in honour to his grandparents who opened his eyes and passed on all the values in him and showed him the true importance of nature and environment.

The green team project attracts the youth and educates them about the importance of environment, agriculture, farmers, land and how can we protect and save our ecosystem and biodiversity.

Vision of Green Team just relies on a fundamental principle that each and every individual should take a responsibility towards environment in order to save our mother land “EARTH” through our project.

If people from different communities will join hands together and take a pledge to save our mother land in the near future we will see the formation of a completely new-Green India.

The Green team with such aim is trying to impart its values and motto to its volunteers so that they become future leaders of India in conserving and protecting environment. This project will help the youths of today to gain confidence and build leadership skills which will make them a responsible citizen.

The green team is currently working on a "FARMER WELFARE PROJECT" the main aim of this project is to STOP FARMER’S SUICIDE today there are more than thousands of farmers ending their life each day. We must not forget that today we exist due to farmers, we get our food because the farmer grows crops and carries the agricultural activities. Though, they feed the entire humanity, their life conditions are far from satisfactory.

Recent study has shown some of the major reasons of farmer suicides are:- Indebtedness, Family problems, Illness, drug abuse and farming related issues.

The entire concept of this project is that how common people and their unity can help save farmers life and how can we take the initiative to adopt a farmer’s family and extend our support towards them. Our project main aim is to create a connectivity between urban and rural population. Where a small help from the higher section of society can make a big difference in the lives of disadvantaged farmers. In this project one will not only help farmers financially but one can even help them in many other ways like- by sending goods, giving them ideas related to farming, telling them about various schemes launched by government.

Our team is working extremely hard, till now we have visited so many places as much we can and we have collected various details about famers where we’ve visited we spoke to them listened their story and got to know their personal details this work is still under progress we are trying our best to cover more places. We prepared data of the farmers with their stories so that it would be easy for one to extend his support towards him/her. With the help of this project you can even become a Virtual Farmer and help the farmer from your computer screen you can choose a farmer by reading his story and can own a cluster and can support him virtually.

Under this project one can even adopt a farmer’s family and can support the farmer by advising him, or one can either take the responsibility of his/her child education, they only need your involvement. This is just a small effort from us to connect the people of our country to the needful farmer family ones small contribution can make big changes in their life.


With the help of this model we are creating a platform where our volunteers will go to villages and will identify and talk to the farmers those who are in need and will take all the necessary information like his personal details, family details, financial condition, photographs and whatever the resources he/she requires. In this way we have done the profiling of:

  • LAND

We are looking for individuals and companies who are interested in becoming a part of extended family of a farmer from our portal they will have an option to search and choose a farmer family. A single farmer can have many supporters and it will even not be a burden on single person who is helping the farmer.

Our software is designed in such a way that it will do all the cost calculation for the farmer and will decide how many individuals are actually needed. We have done extensive research regarding cost of cultivation, labour and resources, and have fed all information on our system. There will be connectivity and co-ordination between the volunteers and Farmer's Extended family through our help-centre.

There are lot more ways through which one can help a farmer not only for cultivation and crop selling but one can help them regularly it should not be like one time help we can help them on daily basis so that they are capable and self-sufficient to stand on their own. And most importantly we will try to reach those needy and deprived farmers who find themselves extremely helpless and have lost faith and hope, with your support we can be a ray of hope for them so that they can at least lead a basic life.

This project is only possible if the entire nation unites together and takes the initiative to save the most important community on the mother land that is our "Anna Data" or Farmers it is our duty to uplift them and give them respectable position in our society.

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