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Adopt a Farmer's Family

We are 5000-10000 years old civilization and in past all our ritual, customs and traditions were based on agriculture only. There was a time when our whole society was Agro-centric. The farmer had a respectable position in society and we called them “Anna Data”.
We all know farmer is one of the most important people since the beginning of civilization we all depend upon agriculture to meet our requirement of food.

But since few decades concept of society is changing rapidly, it is moving towards industrialization and consumerism, where everyone is either buyer or seller. A big division is visible in society, where poor is not important and there is one more poor who is hidden behind crowd. Our past time hero, Or “Anna Data”. He/she is striving now, the food grower is dying with hunger, He/she does not hold important position in our society now, He is just a seller and we are consumer. The food grower “Farmer” “Anna Data” also known as “Dharti Putra” are now on the verge of extinction.

Food is not the source of energy only, food also affect our thoughts and emotions. But the kind of food we are getting these days is just making a negative effect on our behaviour, people are now days less tolerant, restless, anxious and depressed as well.

To get right food we need to restore right tradition of farming, we need to empower those who can revive and adopt the right practice, and for that we must give importance to the real heroes who can do this for us. “The Farmer Family”. We are today because of farmers we need to support them and protect them.

We as an individual can take the initiative and can step forward to help a farmer and his family not only financially but you can help in whichever way possible.

Condition of farmers in India is extremely poor so is there income, due to poor income their children education suffers, they even suffer due to ill health, lack of proper sanitisation and most importantly majority of farmers in our country are illiterate they have no idea about the various beneficial schemes introduced by the government because of which they are not able to avail the facility.

The farmer families are striving but they are not striving for something big, they are just striving for very basic things which can be fulfilled very easily by our fellow citizens. Some farmers are striving for food where some for farming tool or to repay loan or to educate their children.

We in cities go to restaurant and spent thousands of rupees for one-time food which is sufficient for some farmer for one month who is striving. We as an individual can take the initiative and can step forward to help a farmer and his family not only financially but you can help in whichever way possible.

We reached to the farmers where ever we could reach talked to them and listened their stories and listed all their problems. You can go through list and can choose the farmer family you want to support, you can read and understand their problem and can choose that family whom you wish to support.

We want you to take a step forward and “Adopt a Farmer Family”. You may help them financially or by giving goods or helping their children to educate. If you are capable enough then you can take the responsibility of a farmers child education, most of the farmers are illiterate so you can tell the farmers about various schemes launched by government so that they can avail the benefit, you can even give farmers best advice related to farming.

They don’t need your money, they need your involvement. They need you as their family. There are many ways in which you can help a farmer’s family join hands with us in order to adopt a farmer’s family and become a part of this noble cause.


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