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Genetically modified Organisms (GMOs) has been a controversial topic among industries leaders and especially consumers as their desire to eat healthier has grown in recent years.
Processed foods purchased today contain a significant percentage of some genetically engineered (GE) food products. Genetically engineered foods are different from other foods. Genetic engineering allows, the incorporation of foreign genes, bacterial and viral vectors, viral promoters and antibiotic marker systems to be engineered into food.

Well it’s still a debate whether or not these modified foods are actually healthy-and many times, you don’t even know that you are buying something genetically modified.

The recent studies have shown that GMOs are very unsafe and can show unpredictable consequences. GMOs are not only bad for the farmers but are also hazardous to the environment.

For example let’s talk about Bt brinjal (genetically modified) and its side effects:

The consumption of genetically modified brinjal can make you sick and adversely affect the immune system and can lead to various reproductive disorders.

Bt brinjal produces a protein in the vegetable cells that induce antibiotic resistance. This is recognised as a major health problem and is inappropriate for commercialised use.

Rats fed Bt brinjal had diarrhoea, increased water consumption; decrease in liver weight, and liver to body weight.

Changes in lactating cows were observed in increased weight gain, intake of more dry roughage matter and milk production up by 10-14 percent as if they were treated by a hormone.

India is the home of brinjal, where it has been cultivated for four thousand years without the help of fertilizers or pesticides. “When there are so many indigenous varieties of brinjal in each region of India why there is a need to borrow this Bt brinjal from other countries?”

It is high time now we should oppose the use of GM crops before it takes over our indigenous crops and contaminates other crops as well India should move towards its traditional and organic way of farming or else we will have to face its consequences!

Some of the unpredictable consequences of GMOs are:

  • Loss of nutrition
  • Cancer
  • Toxicity
  • Immuno-suppression
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • Allergic reactions




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