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HYDROPONICS as a substitute for the period of Land Restoration.

We all know that the farmers work hard in every season in order to sustain their life they work continuously each day if they don’t work even a single season it is very burdensome and a loss to them. Today with the tremendous use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides for growing crops somewhere majority of farmland in our country is getting wasted and is becoming unusable due to lack of required fertility and nutrition which is not available to the land because of these hazardous chemicals.

Land restoration is a great challenge for the Indian farmers today.

Land restoration is not only possible with the water harvesting techniques. So in order to help restore the land The Green Team has created a model because our only aim is not to restore land but also to maintain the proper water level which is necessary.

So in this model our main focus would be on soil-less gardening also known as "HYDROPONICS" how can we grow plants without the use of traditional soil medium but instead by using water which is rich in minerals as a solution.

Like for ex: For this model we need a duration of six months, we will create a small pond on the land of the farmers which can be turned into Aquaponic farm for fish and vegetables.

In this system we will store water in the pond and will do fisheries, above the entire water area we will do plantation vertically and after we are done with it we will fit a net above the plantation system so that the sunlight can pass to the stored water which is an essential element for the ecosystem.

This way the Aquaponic system combines both the elements of aquaculture and hydroponics in such a symbiotic order that the fish waste work as the fertiliser for the crops.

This is a sustainable and enclosed system which eliminates the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides and up to an extent follows the organic farming method.

This smart and efficient method can be very much helpful for the farmers since with the help of pond and fisheries it can be financially beneficial to them, the water which is being harvested can be used by the farmer’s for their farm land in order to make the land more fertile since the pond water has abundant nutrition in it which is extremely beneficial for the land, and with the help of this model the farmers can grow healthiest crops as well.


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