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Let’s talk about Organic farming

In today’s world for survival people are mostly consuming non organic products unknowingly and are unaware about its ill effects on our health. All the food today which we eat are maximum obtained from conventional farming methods or are genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Because farmers today are growing crops which is profitable to them due to which they are using different farming techniques and are shifting away from traditional methods. But we should know that the food which we consume today is no more healthy and safe.
The products which are obtained from non-organic method are full of residues of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc. whose continuous consumption would lead to severe diseases. On the other hand-

GMOs require massive amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These things are poisons, and should not be eaten .Because genetically engineered foods have not been shown to be safe to eat and may have unpredictable consequences.

Now this is peak time where we should start adopting our traditional and organic method of farming by minimising the use of conventional farming methods.

Let us see why traditional method of farming is still better than conventional method-

The conventional farmer will treat his farm using harsh chemicals to eliminate naturally existing fungicides and he will fertilize the soil using petroleum based fertilizers before sowing the seeds whereas, organic farmer will prepare his land before sowing by sprinkling natural fertilizers like manure, bone meal.

Before, planting seeds the conventional farmer will soak the seeds in fungicides and pesticides to keep insects away whereas an organic farmer will not use any chemical solutions to soak the seeds.

At last when it comes to consumption of food it is very obvious that anyone who is consuming products from the conventional farmer will also intake the pesticide and weedicide residues into the body which can lead to diseases like cancer. People understand that health is wealth which is why they are going organic in numbers today.

Why Organic farming?

Foods which we get from the organic farm are enriched with nutrients such as vitamins, minerals as compared to other conventional foods because the food from the organic farms are nourished via sustainable method.

The food obtained from organic farms have much natural and better taste because the organic farmers give much importance to quality.

The organic food items are free of poison it does not involve the use of poisonous chemicals and pesticides therefore it reduces the chances of sickness and diseases.

On the other hand the Organic food are highly authenticated they undergo rigorous quality checks and they are eco-friendly.

The food obtained from organic farming is very cheaper and economic because it does not involve the use of expensive chemicals.

In order to stay away from genetically modified organisms GMOs we should shift towards organic farming because they are contaminating natural foods very rapidly.

To prevent the use of antibiotics, drugs and hormones in animal products.

So we can clearly see that the conventional farming method is hazardous not only for the environment but also for human health that is why we should urge the farmers and the people of our country to shift towards more authentic and organic way of farming which causes less damage to our environment and maintains a balanced ecology.


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